Friedhelm Dohmann

Beaufort, South Carolina, USA

After studying architecture at the HFB in Hagen, Germany, Friedhelm Dohmann studied politics and philosophy in Munich, Germany. The college nourished his enthusiasm for the great German philosophers, as well as his love of the arts. His interest in Photography started at the young age of 14. Early portraits and snapshots of family members show his photo-technical knowledge and a remarkable eye for lighting and framing the object.

In the Seventies, Friedhelm worked in music, film and documentary-TV productions for the Bavarian Film Studios, the ZDF German Television and Bavarian TV and Radio. He assisted in shows with Liza Minelli, The Rolling Stones, and Monty Python's Flying Circus to name a few. Contact with popular personalities enlarged his outlook, while managing traveling production crews refined his organizational talents.

He owns CompuSol - Creative Services a video production and web design company on the web at creativeservices.org, creativeservices.us and compusol.org.

Books by Friedhelm Dohmann