Frank Heflin

Columbia, South Carolina, USA

My favorite photography haunt is the street, people in the moment, street art & graffiti. I spend most of my shooting time around train tracks, fire barrels, coffee shop street tables, or simply wandering. If I am in a large city I am looking for great faces, or street art with a message. I have two cameras - a Leica M6 and a Canon 5D. I like to give away prints to the people I shoot. I carry a pack of them in the car in case run across people I've shot. People don't handle prints much any more, since images usually stay on a phone or computer. I notice people really like the visceral sensation of holding the image.
My day job is running a large hospital-base home health agency. This is community care, a non-profit, & the people we take care of need our help.
Shameless plug: check out my Etsy store at etsy.com/shop/KultureJam & my web site at KultureJam.org. You'll find lots street shots, train graffiti, street graffiti, animations, my blog, & lots of liberal politics.

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