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Kim Taylor
Blurbarian Since October 2007
Business Name Kim Taylor
Business Web Site www.ktaylorphotos.com
Location Washington DC area
About My Business I tell stories. The story could be about a moment, a person, a season or the future. A good photo, like a story with out words, will let you relive the moment, smell the air, feel the touch of a hand and allow you to feel the sun on your face.

My photos have been featured in U.S. Government brochures, magazine covers, and Ducks Unlimted calendars.

I can be reached via email: info @ ktaylorphotos.com
Areas of Expertise My specialty is wildlife and nature. I've learned much over the years watching ducks. One might say I've fallen in love. Like us they have personalities, families, good and bad days. They are smart, clever, and organized. Ducks come in all sizes. You cannot spend time with a Duck and walk away unhappy. :-)

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