Jessica Tremp


If I’m not daydreaming through my camera lens, I’m most likely writing or shimmying in my lounge room. You can win me over with a bowl of Spaghetti or a good cup of tea and lively banter of plans and idea plotting.
Most likely I will smother your dog (and any others we pass) and laugh too loudly and at things you won’t really find as funny as I do.
I love the word whimsical and the smell and taste of vanilla as much as the cold side of the pillow. My traveling feet get itchy but I will miss home while I’m scratching them.
I’m partly swiss, mainly Melbournian, occasional snob and a cynical romantic. If you play monopoly or card games with me with a sundowner in hand watching the outdoorsy life slow down or jump over big waves on deserted beaches with me, I will most likely become very clingy, so please only partake in these if you mean it…

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