J. Michael Dumoulin

Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi USA

J. Michael Dumoulin is a 30-year Air Force veteran, a NASA retiree, and former strategic director at the INFINITY Science Center. Now semi-retired, J. Michael donates time as senior partner in TDG, a museum consulting LLC. He is an award-winning communicator, writer, exhibit designer, and poet.

The three-book set "Flatcreek Tales" (2015) were his second, third and fourth books. J. Michael's fifth book, "Followership: The Manual" came out in 2016 and "Great Nations Dare to Explore" (2017), a tabletop history book about space exploration, is in legal review at NASA. His latest non-fiction, "A Frenchman's Duty" was released in 2018 and is available through Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble.

Colonel Dumoulin earned a Graphics B.A. from Florida State and an Advertising B.S. at the University of Florida and was awarded a Masters in Public Communications from Boston University. He also holds a post-Masters certificate in National Strategy from the Air Force's Air University.

Books by J. Michael Dumoulin