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Flemming Bo Jensen Photography
Blurbarian Since August 2009
Business Name Flemming Bo Jensen Photography
Business Web Site http://www.flemmingbojensen.com
Location Denmark
About My Business I am currently a global gypsy and can be found, literally, anywhere on earth.

I was the former head of IT in an agency in the Danish Government, but unable to shed the long held dream of growing up to be Luke Skywalker, I left Copenhagen and my job in 2009, and took off around the world living on the road as a gypsy, photographer, time-traveler, jedi.

I am currently working on a wide ranging photography project of documenting my own experience as a global gypsy. Photography is my primary form of creative expression, as it allows me to fuse my own perspective (imaginary or otherwise) with the real world as I experience it, within the frame of a moment. I am also an aspiring filmmaker and write about my ongoing gypsy journey on my blog.

I am an official Fuji X- Photographer and primarily photographs with the Fuji X-Pro1 camera.

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