Alexa J. Rittichier

Chicago, IL, USA

Alexa J. Rittichier is an artist working primarily with interdisciplinary performance. Originally from Northwest Ohio, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a minor in dance. She taught art in South Korea for two years where she also studied traditional Korean dance and music. Returning to Ohio she started and led the Veritas Arts Collective from 2008-2010. Upon receiving the Follet Fellowship, Alexa chose to attend Columbia College Chicago to pursue a MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media. Alexa is interested in the body as a holder of memory and history. Recently she has been exploring group-minded creation and has cultivated an interdisciplinary method for developing work from the shared experience of the collective body. Alexa is the artistic director of People On a Stage, a Chicago-based performance ensemble she founded in September 2012.

Books by Alexa J. Rittichier