Karathanassis Niko

Athens - Greece

Niko Karathanassis

Nicholas pastime in photography began several years ago.
Furthermore, he has participated in exhibitions in Hellas (Greece).
“I believe that it is a photographic world we are living in. Everywhere there is a photo a photographer can see. Subject, composition, color or black & white, manipulation of light, the ability to “make” the shadows alive. The ability for the photographer to use all these elements so as to build a bridge, a communication with people, in a gentle way, that comes at the end as a natural personal communication. A communication of sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings, sentiments that words cannot describe or are useless when feelings exist. And, I believe, when we share our feelings/thoughts (using photography is my way) we might not make our lonely world better but –as a good start- make us feel better. Also, it builds new roads for the mind to walk on, think, wonder.

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