Latoya Likambi

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Latoya Likambi, a highly confident, eloquent, and very inspiring 10 year old from Liverpool. She wrote the entire first draft of the book, including the initial draft illustrations when she was only 7 years old.

She is a very creative, strong-minded, and visionary young girl, with an astonishing vision. She is grounded by her profound Christian foundation and family values, rooted in the fact that, she and every single child out there is a unique creation of God, with very unique and exceptional creative abilities and potential to add value to our world and make it a much better, loving, and kind place to live in.

Latoya has won various awards as best writer of the week and month, has been a reading ambassador for her school, and also had a very inspiring Poem of hers published in A Liverpool Talented Writer’s book about 2 years ago. She is also very passionate about fine art and design.

Her motto is “My Words Are Life, My Words Will I Use to Build My Life and the Lives of Others.”

Books by Latoya Likambi