Gabriela Casineanu

Toronto, ON, Canada

Gabriela Casineanu is a juried artist, and grant recipient of Ontario Arts Council. Her life journey wasn't always easy: divorce, single mom, being separated from her children, immigration, job loss, facing tough decisions, and so on. Even on the professional side, she embraced different career changes: from Engineering, IT, and Quality Assurance, to Professional Coaching and building her own coaching business. By applying coaching also to herself, Gabriela's creativity increased and opened up her artistic path.
As a system coach and artist, Gabriela loves to connect the two fields to help people understand that life is a continuous journey. Getting stuck, put down by life situations, dealing with relationships (personal and professional) are just a few topics she loves to cover in her visual-coaching albums. These "books" create powerful shifts, increase awareness and motivation to take the right actions that build a better future.
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