Garth McGregor Heslop

Vancouver, BC, Canada

I am cultural vagabond, hitching my way through the assorted jungles that cover our planet, learning where possible, writing when compelled, imbibing when called on and, when struck on the head by a particularly nasty muse, taking photographs.

A bit about me the photographer...
My first camera (a Zeiss Contaflex III system) didn't have a light meter; so, my father gave me a Gossen Sixtomat Color Finder (I was 11). I still love shooting with that camera! Dad had a professional darkroom in our house and I spent hours playing, and learning, creating.

I slid away from shooting during the 2000s as the age of film was dead and I was pulled to the written word. Times have changed and now digital is every bit as powerful as film ever was--and Lightroom is the new Darkroom (though, I do miss the assorted darkroom aromas).​

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