Gerard Carson

Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I’m a person who obsessively tinkers and toys with materials and found objects. My work is like a never-ending stream of data that overflows and adds extensions to itself. This would be done using many materials and processes, such as sewing fabrics, sculpture, archiving/compiling images, and manipulating found/recorded film footage. The overall process is one of collation and manipulation.

The work that is developed and invented through these processes follows themes of degradation, displacement, and synthesis. At times they point to even more elusive themes, of which I am rather confused about myself, but which I leave to the viewer to follow patterns that arise from these arranged images and objects.

Overall, my practice is an inquiry into the vulnerability and potential of the image. Discovering and playing with its properties and using this as a method of contemplation on many varying ideas and thoughts that come into my head.

Books by Gerard Carson