Gina Dover-Jaques

Midlands, UK

I immerse myself in photography at every available opportunity. Since childhood I have been fascinated by photography but it was not until 2008 that I decided to really do something about it. The most important aspect for me is light - great LIGHT BREATHES LIFE INTO AN IMAGE!

I use a myriad of camera settings to attain an aesthetic look I'm after in my photographs - it gives me the ability to limit the attention of the viewer and how I choose to tell my stories through my images. For me it is not just about capturing a moment in time but how I choose to capture it - what it is that I am wanting to say and how best I want to portray you!

I believe there are no rules in making an image, it is about art and creativity. Follow me through my journey that is just starting, in which I hope to provide you with images that captivate your eye, your mind and your heart!

Books by Gina Dover-Jaques