Greg Clure

Newbury Park, California, USA

Greg's interest in photography grew out of photo contributions to his high school's newspaper and yearbook while pursuing landscape and wildlife photography on summer camping trips to local wildlife refuges, recreation lands, and national parks. Greg holds a Certificate in Photography from Kaw Area Vocational Technical School in Topeka, Kansas. In this 1,080 hour photography program all aspects of photography were covered from black and white and color film/print development to photographing with pinhole, instamatic, 35mm, 4x5 and 8x10 cameras as well as using existing light and studio photography. After graduating from Kansas State University with a BS in Marketing, Greg went on to earn his MBA and quickly found employment in the Health Insurance Industry in Southern California. While he continued to photograph nature throughout his professional career it was not until the early-2000s with the advent of quality DSLRs did Greg return to nature photography in a more passionate way.

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