Guido Ramackers

the netherlands

My interest in art and photography/ painting in particular started about 15 years ago. Since then I've been struggling to find a way to express what I felt as an urge to seek thruthfullness. Not an easy task, since how do you know what is thruthfull and what is not? It's not the same as succesfull I think. The urge to be succesfull more often leads to adaptation to what you think other people like or not.

The art I try to produce needs to come out of my gut so to speak, often leading to raw images, and reflects my fascination with the raw quality of life as it is. The other side is that I feel the need to express my wonder over the beauty of the world around me, even in mundane and humble things. The combination of those two urges make up my art as it is. Take it or leave it.

I live and work in a small village in the Netherlands.

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