Gee Gee Guerin


Debuting as a mover and a shaker in the world of short stories and poetry. Gee Gee steps out on faith and allows her imagination and poetic nature to intertwine with her sensual, mysterious side. She captivates her audience as she paints a portrait on the canvas of each heart that's presented with her readings.

A native of Louisiana with a professional background in sales, she has spent most of her career in small business development and volunteering for community projects that assist the needed.

Gee Gee has dedicated a portion of the proceeds from her book sales to a school and an orphanage in Nairobi Kenya Africa. Geegee has worked on the mission field as founder of "Sisters Of Umoja" an organization she founded and developed to provide critical aide to the less fortunate in her local community and abroad.

Books by Gee Gee Guerin