The Girl Mirage®

Boston, MA

Geena Matuson is The Girl Mirage®, Creative Director and Writer working in multimedia and marketing. Interested in semiotics and psychology, her personal work evokes a sense of synaesthesia, and even a sense of humor, as she shares strange and surreal stories that shine a light on societal perceptions.

In addition to her more personal work, she also creates full-scale guides on social media, technology, and web tutorials. In her words, "I love to make things, experimenting with methods and ideas, collaborating with and mentoring others — I always learn something new. For me, there's no delineation between work and play in that I absolutely love what I do: creation through creative problem solving."

In late 2017, she published her first book 'Dadalectic: Waking Dream,' a dadaist collection of poetic stories and dreamy artworks available on Amazon via, paving the way for her future art, poetry and trade books, in addition to continued multimedia work.

Areas of Expertise

Print and published work includes photography and art books, poetry and mixed media, media guides, and magazines.

Professional Affiliations

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