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George Lenz retired after 40 years in the computer industry and started doing digital photography in 2007. As the sole owner of Lenz Photo Shop his vision is to communicate the infinite beauty, mystery and wonder of creation through nature and abstract art by changing ordinary photographs into fine works of art.

Today George is realizing his life’s passion: To be a fine art photographer. Fine art photography refers to photographs, and photographic compositions that give the audience a fresh view of a subject, while fulfilling the creative expression of the artist. From planning the shot, to designing the final composition, George creates sharp, colorful images that are pleasing to the eye. Images that you can take pleasure in, and proudly display in your home, or business.

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Digital Photographic Art

Lenz Photo Shop offers a wide variety of standard and custom made products such as note cards, magnets, tee shirts, ties, shoes, mugs, and mouse pads that you can purchase from or

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