Michael Julian Berz

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

As an artist/photographer I look at the world around me with wonder and I seek to capture the energy of my subjects in a way that dissolves all issues of rightness and wrongness. Since 9/11, my life and my photography identify best with the idea of living in the question. I now have the awareness that, within every moment I have a choice. That choice is the ability to live from the question not from the answer. I am acutely aware of the consciousness within all things that surround me. In response to the violence I perceive increasing on and against our planet I now use my pictures as a signpost. Could there be another choice for all of us who live on planet earth? What if we were able to perceive how much caring we truly had to offer one another? What if we were able to perceive the consciousness in the plants and flowers and bees? Could we in full conscious awareness continually destroy ourselves, our neighbors and our earth? I ask the universe: let me be a catalyst for change ...

Books by Michael Julian Berz