Gabi Guiard

Spain, Barcelona

"We can't choose the time we are forced to live in, but the only thing  we can do, is to decide what we can do with the time at our disposal".

It all started with a trip… A few years later and after many kilometers on my shoulders I realiza that from the very first contact, Africa woke up something that is not going to abandon me.

Many people say that all roads lead to Rome, in my case all roads start and end up in Africa. The ground  of our ancestors, the nature in pure state, the génesis of the life humanity. The place where you enjoy in first person the full phenomenon of life survival.

You discover the real power of nature. Hence and in spite of the time we have to live, beyond all obligations, I want to return to the origin and see trough my lens the fierce struggle for life.

Books by Gabi Guiard