Charles Giammona

Boca Raton, Florida USA

Dr. Charles Giammona ( currently resides in the USA and the Dominican Republic after living in Haiti since the 2011 Earthquake. He specializes in technical assistance, resource development and globalization of opportunity in war/hostility zones, post-conflict and transitional countries.

A multi-award-winning, International Consultant with experience in over 60 countries, across 6 continents, he’s produced 100+ publications and has credentials in life and geosciences, technology, engineering and education.

Dr. Giammona holds a PhD from Texas A&M University, other professional honors and served in various USA academies from Professor to Provost for 20 years. He is presently Executive Director of Caribbean Universities, a non-profit organization fostering global skills development initiatives.

His latest writings focus on transformation, patterns, changes and impacts in our lives. His blog is Turning Tides and Current Obsevations at:

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