George Edward Giunca

Above the clouds

George "Edward" Giunca, grew up on the shores of Lake Erie, in Ohio. While interested in science and chemistry at an early age, his interest shifted to photography, after experimenting with making light sensitive paper. By the time he was 10, he was already developing and printing his own photographs. During this time, he closely studied the photography and techniques of Ansel Adams and Brett Weston and became intent on being a black and white landscape photographer. After winning numerous photograpy contests while in high school, his parents enrolled him in the Brooks Institute of Photography's Photographic Illustration program. After graduating with a BA, he headed to Los Angeles to work as a freelance assistant. Two years later, after working for some 30 different photographers, he opened his own studio specializing in glamour, lingerie, jewelry and catalogue photography. In early 2005, a friend in Thailand invited him to set up a studio in Bangkok. Since then, he has been ba

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