Auguste Elder

Manhattan, NY

Auguste Elder is a ceramist, photographer, media artist, writer and teacher living in Manhattan, NY. His work has been published in numerous journals and magazines, including: The Pinch Journal; Blue Earth Review; World Vision Magazine (China); Isotope: A Journal of Literary Nature and Science Writing; Parthenon West Review; Best New Poets 2005 and 2006; and elsewhere. In 2003 he served as The Badlands National park Artist-in-Residence, and was a Vermont Studio Center fellow in 2000 for drawing and painting. Cohen’s ongoing body of work “Contact Lens” is quintessentially social and documentary in nature, with a lean towards folklore. The intimate collision between person and place, and the impulse to bear witness to this angular dance, runs like a rhizome beneath the surface of his work. He teaches media arts, poetry and social justice to high school students at The Calhoun School in Manhattan.

Books by Auguste Elder