Gordon Middleton

Loveland, Colorado, USA

At the age of 17, I moved with my family to Australia where I received my first “real” camera. When I returned to the States, I continued my interest in photography and enrolled at and graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.

Upon graduation, I was offered a position in Keil, Germany, as a photographer and custom color printer. This experience greatly expanded my visual awareness and appreciation of the world around me.

I eventually found my way to San Diego, CA where I became involved with several Audio Visual/Multi Media production companies. This work furthered my national & international travel experiences allowing me to witness and photograph more of the diversity this world has to offer.

Since 1991, I have lived in Colorado. My photography reflects my appreciation of nature with many of my images depicting the beauty and grandeur of the Rocky Mountains and the American Southwest as well as images from my trips to Italy and France.

Books by Gordon Middleton