Grace Davies was born in New Jersey and studied photography and design at F.I.T. and geology at Hunter College. Her photography work has appeared in textbooks, guidebooks, magazines and calendars.

She started taking studio classes in ceramics and sculpture in 2001 and soon realized that working in three dimensions offered an inspirational new outlet for her creative expression.

Although she sculpts other shapes and works in various media, creating animal forms in clay is her passion and a natural outgrowth of her connection with nature. She loves the challenge of working life-size as much as possible, combining metal, plaster, wood and concrete with the fired ceramics to structurally achieve the desired results.

In each new piece, Grace hopes to capture something of the personality of the animal. Her work is influenced by the paintings of John James Audubon and Walton Ford.

She lives and works both in Brooklyn, NY, and Cape May, NJ, and shares her journey through li

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