Danny Grozdich

Malibu, California

Daniel Grozdich is as unique as his last name. His style of comedy is high energy mixed with deep contemplation crossed with bile and endomorphic skeletons. A fan of gelatinous insects and ionic implosion Daniel enjoys collecting slugs and earthworms. Sometimes they are his only comfort. His musings about the universe, philosophy, a greater human experience, females, bitches and hoes gradually degenerate into a thoughtful orgy of hilarity. He continues to push the extremes of shampoo usage while consorting with mechanical engineers. Danny is a versatile individual who can complicate a picnic, yet simply distill Zarathustra. He is a gentile force of nature, like a luke warm breeze that offsets an areas delicate ecosystem and spawns a microbe which breeds a viral infection into the local drinking water. In short, Mr. Grozdich is a catalyst for the very basic questions that drive humanity, asking non-himself but provoking others to ask them.

Books by Danny Grozdich