Fabio Grassi

Dublin, Ireland

While I love my work as executive education advisor facilitating organzational development training and coaching. At heart I am and always will be an artist, I am passionate about life and freedom and last year I began developing my photographic blog "Geode". A geode is a very special stone, it looks like any other stone on the outside. When you pick it up it feels really light and if you gently knock on it with another stone, it sound a bit hollow. But, when you dare to cut it open a wonderful beauty of colorful crystals will great your eyes.
In the past 25 years I've been looking to find that inner beauty of everything around me and capture it in my pictures. This is the reason for my blog's name, a peek into the hidden beauty of life.
My biggest love is for nature photography and in particular the animal world, on this blog I've published the pictures that I'm most fond of. It was only logical that my first published book would have to be "The Magic of Nature".

Books by Fabio Grassi