Robert Reichers

Portland, Oregon, US

First of five kids, each born in different places. Most of grade school in Yosemite Valley. Three things - Geologic time, John Muir as hero, and discovering what I was to undertake – making marks on paper.

After a stint in the Navy, returned to school (biology) but was hijacked by the art department where photography, its history, masters, techniques and possibilities were explored.

Portland, OR – Performed with CIRQUE – Jann McCauley and Company.
Santa Fe, NM – Depth of culture, history. Essential to honing imaging skills/aesthetic.
Portland, OR – Digital imagery (Mac/PS), box constructions.
New Orleans, LA – Opened the Grace Note. Again, depth of culture etc..

Inspiration comes from (a) places and objects with an obvious past and (b) the lives and reflections of people working outside photography.

Books by Robert Reichers