Mimi Bonita

Seattle WA. USA

I am a grandmother of two. My grandchildren are twenty years apart. I have been married 40 years to the same man and I have just about decided to keep him. But, we will keep that info between you and me. We Love Seattle but a little more sun would be nice. Book making has become my newest passion. Winter days are not so long and dreary now. Not only did I make a book of my stories containing my paintings and my muse's art. I made a book for my mother, of one of the songs she sang to all the children in the family. Now one of her great grandchildren will be the first to receive a book of the song we all know so well.
I've got a fish kiss for you,fish kiss baby shower, fish kiss progressive images.....And Missy kissy fishy. Who always knows what to do with fussy little fishes in Fish Kiss Wish of Love. I Made the fish kiss books under the
name of BonBon Bonita.
I have really enjoyed the process.....
Thanks to technology and Blurb.

Books by Mimi Bonita