Snowdon Photography

London, UK

“Passionate about photography and curious about everything” that’s the best description I can give about myself.

I love the art of capturing light, capturing the emotions (or lack thereof) and the involvement you have to your subject even for just a short time. I love that you can manipulate some things later to create a better image or even destroy it.

If given an opportunity, I love to create different things- not significantly nor shockingly different but different all the same. At least something that will either make you think, look again and wonder or leave at a brief glance.

I like my images to look simple but effective. Whether they are (will be) provocative, sarcastic, humourous or anything, will depend on the mood or the project.

I like to have fun when I shoot, plan or edit. I am easily inspired and I am impulsive.

Photography is my passion. If all this becomes tedious … I will stop

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Portraits and Wedding Photography

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