About the Author

Gordon Young
Blurbarian Since May 2011
Name Gordon Young
Location Dallas, Texas, USA
Gender Male
My Bio Collage has been an important part of my work since my early days in undergraduate school at the University of Nebraska. In the 1990s I began to insert collaged elements into my paintings using either large scale Xeroxes or smaller copies used as multiples. In 2005 I put the painting aside and began to concentrate on pure collage.
After receiving my MFA from Tulane University in New Orleans I moved to Dallas I became a college instructor. As well as teaching studio courses I taught art history and my work has always been influenced by my study and fascination with the history of art. A number of artists have influenced my aesthetic concepts: Hanna Hoch, the Russian Modernists and the Pop artists.
As I work with found images the scale of my work is controlled by the size of the images and the image fragments found. This intimacy of scale, I feel, draws the viewer in for closer study forcing them to concentrate on the complexity of the seemingly simple constructions.

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