Hannah Phillips

Crediton, Devon, Uk

I work in the West country of England as a retreat manager for Buddhafield, a collective of Buddhists who hold retreats under canvas in the summer months.
I am interested in how meditation and photography can feed into one another and have been exploring photography as a spiritual practice over the past few years, co-leading an annual photography retreat in the Scottish Highlands.
I have studied photography and love alternative processes- polaroid lifts and transfers, collaging, double exposures with slide film. Since i started using digital 2 years ago, I have become fairly obsessed with nature photography; specifically birds, and have found all my photographic time taken up in the pursuit of our feathered friends. I am hankering for respite from the computer and for hand printing on water colour paper again. I feel a desire to explore cyanotypes and other processes I'm not so familiar with. I love the scope of photography for all the roads it can take one down.

Books by Hannah Phillips