Hans Manshoven


We live in a world of moving images. Some leave an impression, some don't. I'm interested in the ones that do create meaning, the ones that tell a story.

Videography is not only a matter of knowing where to put the tripod, it's also a way of seeing the world. That's why I travel around a lot, trying to understand different cultures. That's why I have been working for profit as well as non profit organisations. In all of those environments, it has always been very rewarding to see stories develop from script to shoot to edit.

Over the past 15 years I've seen a whole range of technical approaches passing by to reach a satisfactory outcome. The big camera's, big crews and big hassles from the early days evolved into one man crews and hdslr camera equipment. With new, but very promising challenges.

As long as your message comes across, we're all happy.

Books by Hans Manshoven