Harald M Lehnardt

Honolulu, Hawaii

“I call Pupukea home, wake up with a smile every day and thank god for the great life that was given to me – the many adventures and the many wonderful characters that crossed my path. I truly enjoy living here on Oahu and don’t regret the move from New York City. From my perspective, Hawai’i offers a wide spectrum of creative engagements and opportunities.

In a way I feel blessed, being involved with high end creative projects - in such a nice environment, compared to the jungle in midtown Manhattan. Everything happens for a reason, and there is a time and place for everything. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and been to the Hawaiian Islands many times before I moved here.

It is my belief as a designer, that in development of style and character, it is crucial to travel - to experience different cultures ... then judge and find out what’s in store for you and strengthen your own voice. - Life is truly a wonderful journey.

Books by Harald M Lehnardt