Konstantin Golovchinsky

Los Angeles CA

A decade ago, while undergoing doubts about the direction of my photography, I felt the media onslaught of urban decay, violence, war, pain, homelessness and hopelessness. Outside, on the news, in the movies. The daily supersaturation of these images was even affecting the fine-art sector, infusing art galleries as surely as it was settling in the collective unconscious.

While I am powerless to impact the greater extent of this permeation, I choose not to contribute to it. My design is to produce images that not only exclude the above subjects, but to counter the effect by improving the spaces in which they are intended to be displayed.

The focal point of my current work is to make significant images reflecting historical implications, while paying respectful deference to the masters who came before. Images that reveal more than is seen at first glance, dialogs of nuance, narratives told in a fraction of a second. Most of this work has to do with Scale, macrocosms within microcosms,

Books by Konstantin Golovchinsky