Heather Barron

Arkansas River Valley, CO, USA

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver~ I plan to live a life filled with inspiration and freedom. I create and cultivate this in many ways. I am an Integral Life Coach with my company Single Necessity Coaching & Consulting - www.singlenecessity.com. I am a poet and writer, a trailrunner and rock climber, a God-mother, aunt and youth mentor, an inspirational speaker and deep listener. I love living in the mountains and visiting the ocean, exploring desert canyons and landscapes and laying on a warm forest floor. The way light and shadow intermingle has always attracted me. I love to dance, sing, knit, sip tea, indulge in coffee and dark chocolate, laugh and (more recently) skydive. Traveling and learning about other cultures brings me alive. I am committed to living a life a deep purpose, sharing the journey with others I meet along the path. And always, always desiring to leave people and places more joyful than I found them.