Heather Layne


When my life hit bottom almost a decade ago, I felt lost, confused, and wondered why I was even breathing. But at my lowest point was where I discovered I was a songwriter! I joined a local 12-step recovery group, and began writing "recovery", restoration, and healing music, as I worked the 12 steps, and worked through my "stuff". I'd never been taught how to write songs... but all these songs just started coming because of the pain I was in... songwriting became my therapy and my connection with God.

Only as I look back, do I understand that this was a new beginning for me... a dream that had always existed in my heart... to sing and play guitar. I've been playing at local 12-step recovery programs, rescue missions, coffee houses, fairs, and churches since 2001.

I write about my life experiences... I also write songs about the lives of those around me... we all have a story. I believe music has a way of expressing the thoughts and feelings of thousands of people at one

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