Herb Bardavid

Great Neck, NY

Herb Bardavid has been passionate about photography since he converted his family's only bathroom into a darkroom at age 12. Since then, he has taken courses in photography and darkroom techniques at Projects Incorporated in Cambridge, MA., a school started by Minor White; the New School; and most recently, at the International Center of Photography in NYC.

Herb has had six shows. His first was in Cambridge, MA., in 1969, followed by The Third Eye Gallery in NYC, two shows in Great Neck, NY a group show at the Umbrella Arts Gallery in NYC, and a juried show by the Long Island Center of Photography exhibited at the African American Museum in Hempstead, NY. He has been published in the WBAI Folio, the Gotham Gazette, and PDN Photo magazine. As a psychotherapist, Herb sees things that others may not,. He views the world and its people through his own set of lenses, seeking change.

Books by Herb Bardavid