Andrea MacLeod

Vancouver BC

“Today I read “Sister we need to talk” cover to cover.So much really hit home. Many parts of the book made me a little weepy, not feeling sorry for myself, it was more like feelings of relief. It was a light finally went on in my head, for once in my life, I was starting to understand ME.I have to admit, being in sales for so many years, that I have read many self-help books, taken many seminars and listened to so many speakers. Clearly, none of them got through to me. I learned more about myself in that few hours on my deck reading your book, than I have in my whole life.”
Joanne M. Chilliwack, British Columbia

“I just finished reading your book and I have to tell you it is one of the best books I have read on relationships. It’s straight from the hip and the heart. Your frankness is awesome. I’m sure your book has impacted many women in a way that will have them stand up and pay attention. Quite frankly, I think your book is a must read.”

Myra, White Rock, BC

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