Howard Ting Photography

San Francisco, CA

My focus is on fine art landscape and wildlife photograhy. I live in Northern California and really enjoy photographing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the California coast.

One of my favorite emotional experiences in life is a sense of awe, and I often have that feeling when I'm immersed in the natural world—whether it’s experiencing a spectacular sunset in Big Sur, watching a cheetah digest an entire impala in 15 minutes, or seeing the morning mist on a Tuscan valley. When I’m out photographing, especially in my favorite locations or photographing subjects I particularly enjoy, I often experience a combination of awe, inspiration, and humility. So, my goal is to capture the emotions that I am feeling when I make a photograph and try to translate that same level of awe, inspiration, and humility to the viewer.

Areas of Expertise

Landscape photography
Wildlife photography

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