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Howard Ting Photography
Blurbarian Since October 2009
Business Name Howard Ting Photography
Business Web Site www.howardting.com
Location San Francisco, CA
Business Phone Number 415.305.5580
About My Business My focus is on fine art landscape and wildlife photograhy. I live in Northern California and really enjoy photographing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the California coast.

One of my favorite emotional experiences in life is a sense of awe, and I often have that feeling when I'm immersed in the natural world—whether it’s experiencing a spectacular sunset in Big Sur, watching a cheetah digest an entire impala in 15 minutes, or seeing the morning mist on a Tuscan valley. When I’m out photographing, especially in my favorite locations or photographing subjects I particularly enjoy, I often experience a combination of awe, inspiration, and humility. So, my goal is to capture the emotions that I am feeling when I make a photograph and try to translate that same level of awe, inspiration, and humility to the viewer.
Areas of Expertise Landscape photography
Wildlife photography

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