Petra Monaco

Charlottesville, VA

Petra Monaco is a mother, counselor and author.

In 2009 Petra wrote and published her first book Betrayal: The Journey of Childhood memories and the adult awakening.

Petra has always enjoyed writing and manages a few blogs in the process encompassing inspirational stories, personal growth, recipes, budget smarts, health improvements and her son’s story about surviving Urea Cycle Disorder and three liver transplants.

Some additional background information about Petra:

Raised in the German Foster-Care system since the age of 2 and experienced many ways of neglect, abuse, rejection and bullying.

Teenage mom and now a mom of 4 boys – one of which lives and is raised by his father.

Single mom of 2 boys and one of a special needs kind of kid.

Petra holds a Bachelors in Accounting and a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling.

She is an Artist (Writer, Crochet, Painter, Wood Burner,Photography and much more).

Petra lives and breathes creativity in its many forms!

Books by Petra Monaco