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Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
"The 7 Essences of Life: How to live a happy and flourishing life - First revision" is a forerunner to a more extensive edition which will be published in the future. However, not only is this First Revision less expensive, but, it covers what you need to know in a very concise read.
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Fred DuPont has a B.A. in interpersonal communication from Boise State University. He has helped people in their personal and business life for 30 years. He is President of Santa Fe Interpersonal Communication Advisor, LLC. He is known as a motivational and inspirational public speaker.
This book is addictive. Read it. (At your own risk.)
We have been persuaded to think in terms of success or failure. When we do this, there goes our happiness. This book, if you follow its advice, may change your life drastically for the better because it promotes thinking in more different and accurate terms about your life. You risk actually being happy no matter what.