Harvie Brown

Glendale, Az., USA

Harvie Brown is a native of Florida and a graduate of Georgia State University. He has always had an interest in drawing and painting from since a very early age. He is self-trained and works primarily in oils and would classify his work as representational. After working 20 years as an artist at DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida he decided to relocate to Arizona for inspiration, enlightenment and the pursuit of his great love for art in the western, figurative and portraiture genres. He has a deep appreciation for the works of Carravaggio with his use of (chiaroscuro) light and dark, the grisaille realism of William A. Bouguereau, the astute brushwork of John Singer Sargent and Howard Terpning's mastery and understanding of the great "western" American Indian experience, all of which aspires him to the same dedication and excellence in his work.

Books by Harvie Brown