Matthew Garrett

Boise, ID

At 14 years old, having expressed interest in learning to paint icons, Matthew's father arranged for him to spend the summer of 1991 working at the St. John of Damascus Icon Studio. Matthew worked in the studio while completing his education. Matthew has developed a distinctive style which combines elements of Greek, Cretan, and Russian iconography. In addition to painting for Churches and individuals, he has exhibited his work, given lectures on icons, and teaches icon painting workshops. Matthew has served as a chanter, Church School Teacher, Parish Council Member and Parish Council Chairman. In 2009, Matthew moved to Boise, ID to marry his wife Lisa. His wedding gift to her was a set of hand-painted icons for the iconostasis of their mission parish. On their one year anniversary, he donated a Pantocrator for the ceiling of the parish. He and his wife, are members in good standing of St. Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox Church (ROCOR) in Boise.

Books by Matthew Garrett