Howard Lee


Howard Lee grew up in Kenya before moving to the UK. His lifelong fascination with Persia (Iran) began when he first met his Persian wife in London University. Lee wrote and illustrated “Jamshid and the Lost Mountain of Light” after a visit to Persepolis, in Iran. He was inspired by the sight of his son Daniel gazing through the same windows as the biblical Daniel may have looked through, some 2500 years ago. For the novel Lee blended his personal observations in Persepolis and elsewhere in Iran with historical research and memories of long African ‘safaris’.

After favourable reviews, Howard Lee was awarded a Persian Golden Lioness Award for Best Children’s Book in Budapest, Hungary, in 2006.

Lee now lives in New Jersey USA, with his wife and two sons, where his family commitments are combined with writing and painting, as well as work in the community, including lecturing about Ancient Persia and Iranian heritage.

Books by Howard Lee