Howe Sim


Howe Sim is an award-winning commercial travel photographer whose portfolio spans 96 countries on six continents. His subjects are as diverse as his destinations, and include the monolithic icebergs of Greenland, the critically endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda, and street scenes in North Korea, the world's most secretive state.

He works primarily on assignment, providing stock images for his corporate clientele. A perpetual nomad, he is always busy charting out the next adventure ... the more bizarre or unearthly, the better.

Howe's work has been featured by National Geographic, Nature's Best, and numerous other trade publications. Some of his images grace magazine covers and countless others appear in calendars, books, advertising and promotional materials, and on websites. His photographs adorn the walls of many homes and businesses, with the very best showcased in his series of sixty-nine travel photography books.

Books by Howe Sim