Heather S. Huston

Covington, LA, USA

Heather S. Huston is a self taught experimental fine art photographer and writer. She opened Xel Gallery in the Everett Station Lofts & Galleries in 1996 in Portland, OR; showcasing all levels and mediums of art, giving many unknown artists a chance to show their work. While acting as Curator for monthly shows, openings and special events; the gallery gave her the opportunity to show her own work. While she showed photos, paintings, kinetic sculpture and mobiles, and ceramic raku sculpture~ photography had become her favorite form of artistic expression. Xel Gallery was open for 7 years before Heather moved to Sedona, Arizona where she began to focus seriously on photography. She now makes her home near beautiful Covington, Louisiana. “ There is so much beauty in the world; I see the art in everything and I am a purest when it comes to making photographs. I would say that I am a "painterly" type of photographer; each piece is individual and unique. Enjoy!"

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