Horace Henry

Atlanta, Georgia

Horace Henry is an Atlanta, GA. based professional photographer who has been taking pictures since his brother sent him a 35MM camera from overseas. That was in late 1968. Since that time, the camera has been a regular part of this photographer's life. A native of Palmetto, GA., Horace is a college trained musician and worked at his alma mater, Clark College after graduating. Also, while working at Clark, and before pursuing a career in mortgage banking, it was Horace's pleasure to enjoy over fifteen years on the road as a professional musician sharing the stage with musicians like Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and The Isley Brothers. Through it all, he could not shake off the insatiable desire and compassion that he had for photography. In 1996, he dropped out of corporate America altogether and became self employed as a professional photographer. With his contributions as a photojournalist and still photographer, Horace Henry has been enjoying the pursuit of his passion ever since.

Books by Horace Henry