Ben Ellis


My name’s Ben Ellis and I am the Director of Hungry Browser Limited, a User Experience Consultancy based in Essex, UK.

I am a committed surfer and train hard to maintain a healthy mind and body. My surf travels have taken me all over the world including: Australia, South Africa, Bali, Fiji, USA, Canary Islands, Brazil and Portugal to name but few.

I enjoy skiing and have skied extensively throughout France, Italy, Andorra, USA and Canada.

I am a BSA-approved Level 1 Surf Instructor and qualified RLSS Beach Lifeguard (NBLQ) and hope to put these skills into practice more in the forthcoming years.

I have filmed and edited 3 short movies (WST06, BST07 and Whister08), taken 1000s of photos and also have been known to dabble both in the kitchen and with the guitar on occasion.

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