Santa Monica, California

iPhoneArt.com launched in Santa Monica, CA at the end of 2010, and was quickly listed by Mashable.com as one of the top 10 essential iPhotography sites while still in its infancy. Since then, IPA has grown from a small group of collaborators to a community of more than three thousand artists. Today it is a place where iPhoneographers come to discuss their work, collaborate with one another, learn about apps, and share what they have made. The IPA community is built around the idea that all artists can improve their craft by engaging in discourse with others, by offering critiques and comments, and being open to receive them. It is a place where long-term artistic relationships are created, where the more advanced artists mentor and encourage those who are new to the field, and where cofounders Daria Polichetti and Nate Park are dedicated to providing exhibition opportunities, financial support, and promotional opportunities for the artists. Each day offers something surprising and new.

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